minion mix

Well, those lovable little yellow creatures are back again!  Yes, the minions are back with another movie…Despicable Me 3 is coming to theaters this Friday!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.  I think I like those awkwardly cute and lovable creatures more than my youngest daughter (and she thinks they are pretty cute and funny)!

To celebrate, we made some minion mix…a sweet and salty treat that somewhat resembles those cute creatures.

minion mix | polka dots and picket fences

What do you think?  Love those eyeballs, huh?

To make this, you will need…

  • pretzel sticks
  • yellow candy melts (2 packages)
  • candy eyes
  • blue and yellow M&Ms
  • blue and yellow sprinkles

minion mix | polka dots and picket fences

First, spread out the pretzel sticks into a single layer on parchment paper.

minion mix | polka pots and picket fences

Then, melt the yellow candy melts.  I do this in the microwave by heating the melts in a bowl for 60 seconds…take out and stir…then heat again for 30 seconds….take out and stir…continue this at 30 second intervals until completely melted.

minion mix | polka dots and picket fences

Once melted, pour it over the layer of pretzels.  Decorate with the candy eyes, sprinkles, and M&Ms.  Do this quickly before the melts begin to set.

minion mix | polka dots and picket fences

Allow it to solidify (you can place it in the fridge to speed it along, if you wish), and then break it apart into smaller pieces for snacking.

minion mix | polka dots and picket fences

So simple…even a minion could make it!



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