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July 4th has come and gone, and that always leaves me feeling a bit melancholy.  I think of that holiday as the halfway point of summer…maybe not for everyone, but for my two oldest it really is.  My middle daughter starts school on August 15th, with my oldest returning to college a few days later.  My youngest is the last to start school again, soooo maybe she hasn’t hit the halfway mark of summer yet!

I start to think…”Have we created fun summer memories?”

And that leads to the question I asked my friends for this month’s tea talk…

“Name three things on your summer bucket list.”

Given the way I’ve been feeling, I really liked #3 on my friend, Julie’s, list.  So keep reading for some ideas on ways to make those summer memories…


  • Name:  Meredith
  • Age:  40
  • City:  Ottawa Hills,  Ohio
  • Occupation:  former licensed nursing home administrator…now a household engineer
  • Number of Children:  four
  1.  We always like to go to Ann Arbor and go canoeing on the Argo Livery.  It’s so much fun and you can also rent a tube and float down the river.
  2. All the festivals:  Old West End, Crosby Gardens, Greek Fest, German American
  3. Bike to the Bay…haven’t done this one yet but I want to some year.

  • Name:  Caroline
  • Age:  45
  • City:  San Antonio, Texas
  • Occupation:  mom
  • Number of Children:  one
  1.  Eat at least one meal outside everyday.
  2. Go to the drive in.
  3. Not get swimmers ear.

  • Name:  Jill
  • Age: 47
  • City:  Cincinnati,  Ohio
  • Occupation:  teacher
  • Number of Children:  two
  1.  One thing was to get away this summer…we did not take a trip last year with all the graduation/ college preparation/ work going on.  So, that was one thing (which we accomplished by planning the trip for the minute school was finished).  Even though our trip was simple, we all had a great time together.
  2. Another is to organize and re-fresh the house.  I’d like to set up a workout area and paint the finished lower level a different color.  I’d also like to re-do my office space.
  3. Finally, I want to enjoy time with my girls and my husband.  It seems that time goes by so quickly, and we are very busy (as all families are) running everywhere all the time.  I’d like to find a way to connect with everyone in my little family by establishing routines where we are spending quality time together…sitting in front of the TV together doesn’t count.  I’m finding that all of us are on our phones a lot, too…checking social media and playing games.  It’s not just the kids…I’m on there, too!  We need to find other things to do…maybe game nights or evening walks?

  • Name:  Julie
  • Age:  49
  • City: Sylvania,  Ohio
  • Occupation:  stay at home mom
  • Number of Children:  three
  1.  Clean out my garage.
  2. Help my child firm up her college list as she approaches senior year.
  3. Continue laughing and creating memories while the nest is full.

  • Name:  Lauri
  • Age:  46
  • City:  Ottawa Hills,  Ohio
  • Occupation:  mother, coach, and retired attorney
  • Number of Children:  two
  1.  a bucket of mussels
  2. a bucket of cold ice with Tavel wine
  3. a bucket of hydrangeas

  • Name:  Tammy
  • Age:  49
  • City:  Pauline, South Carolina
  • Occupation:  homemaker
  • Number of Children:  2 daughters, 1 heavenly daughter
  1.  Turn 50 gracefully and celebrate!
  2. Spend more time with my mother.
  3. Make a real bucket list!!

  • Name:  Wendy
  • Age:  47
  • City:  Ottawa Hills,  Ohio
  • Occupation:  financial advisor
  • Number of Children:  two
  1.  I only read 1-2 novels a year.  I hope to finish The Widow of Wall Street this summer.
  2. I’m planning to enjoy some “down time” with family and friends at Catawba Island Club.
  3. I’m getting my son ready to leave for college (NYU)!

  • Name:  Kathy
  • Age:  61
  • City:  Ottawa Hills,  Ohio
  • Occupation:  development officer
  • Number of Children:  one
  1.  Family European trip…visit London, visit family in Chester, United Kingdom, visit friends in Brussels, Belgium and Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
  2. Trip to Santa Fe, NM and Taos Pueblo.
  3. Play more golf with my friends and girlfriends.

I always enjoy reading the variety of answers from my friends!

Whatever it is that you have on your summer bucket list, I hope you are able to find time to accomplish it and make a few memories along the way!

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