“painting” bread

I usually have a healthy snack waiting for my girls when they come home from school…fruit, granola bars, yogurt, carrot sticks.  I try to make Fridays a little more fun.  After all, it is the final school day of the week leading into the weekend fun!  Sometimes it is a sweet treat…other times it is just something a little more creative.

My youngest daughter likes this snack because it combines her love of art with a snack.

You need these simple supplies…food coloring, milk, paint brushes, bread, and a toaster.

Pour a small amount of milk into a small bowl.  Add a few drops of food coloring to each bowl and stir.

Then let your little artist create!  As they “paint,” remind them to keep dipping their brush in the food coloring mixture so that the colors show up on the bread.

After the “painting” is finished, place the bread in the toaster.  The toasting of the bread gives the “painting” even more definition.

Once the toaster pops, the snack is ready!  You can spread a little butter on it or just eat it plain.

I’m never sure if this is really a SNACK or a CRAFT, but I do know it is FUN creating it!

2 thoughts on ““painting” bread

  1. What a clever and easy treat!! Plan to paint bread for breakfast with a visiting grandchild this weekend. Love the Blog!

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