hot cocoa bar

Hot cocoa is the perfect winter beverage…for both kids and adults!  That sweet chocolate flavor warming up your insides after a cold outing can’t be beat!

You can make it even more fun and special by putting together a HOT COCOA BAR for your family and holiday guests…


I used this small counter space in my kitchen between my oven and refrigerator to create a hot cocoa bar for my daughter’s friends to enjoy after their Christmas dance this past weekend.  You could put together a hot cocoa bar anywhere…a side table, a kitchen island, a bar cart.


This chalkboard placemat from Crate and Barrel allowed me to label all the  ingredients and choices for toppings…marshmallows, peppermints, peanut butter wafers, holiday colored M&M’s, along with some spoons and straws for stirring and sipping.




Just ladle some warm milk into mugs, and let your guests create their own chocolatey concoction!

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