happy holidays

Happy holidays, friends!  As we all do at this time of year, I have been reflecting back on the previous twelve months.  I want to thank you for supporting me as I started Polka Dots and Picket Fences.  I am humbled and grateful each time someone tells me they tried one of the recipes I shared or created a DIY project I wrote about.


As I told a friend at a recent holiday party, “We all create special moments for our friends and families…I just write about it.”  So thank you for reading and sharing and commenting!


I’m taking a blog break for the rest of the year…time to be with my family and recharge for the new year.  I’ll be back on January 4, 2016 (is it really going to be 2016…I just started writing the year correctly on my checks last month).


Wishing you and your loved ones a holiday filled with joy, peace, and happiness!


See you in 2016…with lots of fun ideas and inspiration!






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