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Did you make a resolution to be organized in the new year?  I think most people agree that they function better when their homes are organized, but it isn’t easy to stay that way.

We’ve all heard the basic tips…

  • Find a place for every item in your home.
  • For every item brought into your home, one item needs to go (recycle, donate, etc.).
  • If you haven’t worn or used something in the past year, it is time to give it away.

Sounds simple, right?  Well, being organized takes effort on a daily basis.  If you take the time to “clear the clutter” every day, you can stay organized.

I have three ideas/products that help my house stay uncluttered and organized.

One…I have three girls who attend three different schools.  That means LOTS of papers!  I have this great three-sectioned basket.  Each girl has a designated section, and it works great for keeping all the papers, notes, folders, and schedules organized.


I’ve had this basket for a few years, and I love the fact that it is on wheels and I can store it under my kitchen desk.  I just pull it out when I need to find a note or add new papers to it.



The sections are wide enough to store an entire school year of papers.  That makes it handy to find something from three months ago.  AND the best part is my desk is uncluttered and organized!

Two…While I do the laundry, my daughters are responsible for putting away their clothes after they are washed.

I found these plastic containers with handles several years ago (no longer available, but similar style found here) that work great for managing the laundry.


My daughters each have a container with their name on it.  Once filled, they can easily carry it to their bedroom to put away the clean laundry.  Love those handles!


Looks like someone needs to put theirs away!


I love how these containers keep the laundry room looking uncluttered!

Three…Our house has a back staircase that we hardly use.  Instead, it has become a place for all members of the family (myself included) to set anything they don’t want to take upstairs immediately.  By the end of the day, it becomes quite cluttered.

I found these wood containers with chalkboard labels…perfect for writing names on them.



The wood crates fit perfectly on the steps, and the girls have a place to keep their “stuff” until they take it upstairs.


And once again, the house is uncluttered and organized!


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