“a kid in a candy store”

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I would bet that you will be purchasing some type of candy…perhaps chocolates, conversation hearts, lollipops or gummy bears for your loved ones!

Candy stores are so fun, and we visited a fabulous one on a recent trip to Chicago.  You may have heard of Dylan’s Candy Bar…there are a few across the country.  The one on Michigan Avenue in Chicago opened a little over a year ago, and it is a feast for the senses!



Upon entering the store, you will be greeted by full size candy decorations.  It is like a scene from Willy Wonka or the CandyLand game!  It definitely draws you into the store.




Once inside, there are two floors filled with candy and products relating to candy.  Whether it is a personalized candy bar, a pillow, a robe, or a lollipop, I’m sure you will find something that appeals to you!






My personal favorite area is the rainbow of candy colors!  I think it is more of a “photograph opportunity” than a candy self-serve spot since more people were taking pictures than choosing sweets!  Definitely eye-catching!



Speaking of self-serve candy, the middle section of the first floor boasts every imaginable candy from which you can choose.  There are many choices of containers (tackle boxes, small pails, trinket type boxes) you can fill with the various candies and take home.




After shopping for candy, you must visit the cafe for lunch, drinks, or dessert…or all of the above!



The drink choices were SO fun and festive!  Who’s up for a Nerdy Mojito, a Cracker Jack Float, or a Drunken Sour Patch?  No matter what you order, you can count on it being sweetened by the addition of some candy.



Dylan’s Cafe even has mocktails on the menu for the under 21 set.  Who can resist the Pink Cloud Lemonade with cotton candy on top?  How about a Poppin’ Blue Lemonade with pop rocks on the glass rim?



We’ve been to the Chicago location twice, and we loved it!  A fun experience no matter your age…you will feel like “a kid in a candy store.”  So if you happen to be in the Chicago area for Valentine’s weekend (or really anytime), I highly recommend stopping by Dylan’s Candy Bar for some sweet fun!

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  1. Oh thank you for this! I just added it to our list of places to check out the next time we go to Chicago! I want to check Sweet Pete’s too!

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