jelly bean tree

Easter decorating is in full force at our house this week.  Since the decorations won’t be on display all that long, I’m attempting (yes, I’m trying really hard) to keep things simple.

I always enjoy having a centerpiece on our dining room table that reflects the holiday or season.  This year, I created a jelly bean tree for the table.


This idea came when I stumbled upon some pussy willows for sale at our local market.  I love the look of pussy willows…they remind me of springtime and childhood innocence.



I used this container that I found a few months ago at Target (love their dollar spot area).  First, I stabilized the branches in the container.


Then I used a hot glue gun to attach jelly beans at various points along the branches.




I filled the space between the branches in the container with brown shredded paper.


And there is it…simple as that, I have a centerpiece.  What a colorful, fun, and whimsical centerpiece it is, too!



I love the look of it…now I just have to be sure no one sneaks any jelly beans off of it!


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