lucky charms pancakes

St. Patrick’s Day is just days away, and everyone (even those non-Irish folks) will be celebrating by wearing green, hunting for gold, setting traps for leprechauns, and indulging in green food and beverages!

We definitely celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as a family around here.  Our very first puppy, who would be 23 years old if still living, was born on St. Paddy’s Day.  We even gave her an Irish name…Darby!  When my girls were younger, we would bake a cake and frost it with green icing for her…well, maybe it was for us!

Since Darby passed away six years ago (yes, she lived a long life), we no longer bake a cake. However, we still enjoy some green treats on St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s a fun and easy breakfast that I’m sure your family will love…

Lucky Charms Pancakes

Simply follow the directions to make Bisquick pancakes, by adding the eggs and milk.


Add some drops of green food coloring, and stir until blended.



Pour 1/2 cup of Lucky Charms into the pancake mix and combine.


Heat the griddle and get ready to make those pancakes…



Stack them up and serve them with syrup, whipped cream, and topped with a few more Lucky Charms.




Definitely a fun way to start St. Patrick’s Day with some green…and maybe some luck of the Irish!





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  1. You are brilliant!!! Luck Charms is my favorite cereal. I’m not much of a cook (yes even pancakes) but I’m trying this. It will probably look like a Pinterest, or should I say polka dots and picket fences, fail but hopefully they will be edible. (Back up plan: request them for breakfast from my husband (who can cook) for my birthday next month)

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