washi wednesday — wrapping

Happy Washi Wednesday!

Thought I’d share a really easy idea for wrapping those Easter basket surprises today…although, my husband says they don’t need to be wrapped.  He thinks it’s fine to just fill the basket with unwrapped gifts.  I say the anticipation and excitement of the surprise is fun for anyone!


All you need is washi tape (of course) and newspaper.




Just wrap those gifts with the newspaper and secure it in place with the various colors of washi tape.  You can even make some fun designs and patterns with the tape.



Then fill those baskets with the washi wrapped gifts!

Those spring colors with the black and white newspaper make a fun contrast!  Who wouldn’t be excited to open them and see what’s inside…

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    1. Love it Beth!! I’m going to do that for birthdays, and any time I need to wrap!! Thanks for the great idea!

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