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A few months ago, we decided to move our youngest daughter from a twin size bed to a full size.  Easy enough, right?  Well…I forgot I needed to purchase all new AND larger linens.  Sheets, bed skirt, down comforter, duvet, mattress pad, and more pillows.  Did I leave something off the list?

After the bed was delivered and we rearranged the room a bit, there was something still missing.  She now had a blank wall over her bed due to the repositioning of the furniture.

It took a few months, but the wall is no longer empty.

In its place is a wall gallery…



I used prints (see below for sources) that I knew would make my daughter smile each time she walked into her room…English bulldogs, pink bicycles, black converse sneakers, and fun little quotes.




The basis (or anchor) for this wall gallery is the large gold foil metallic heart print.  It is always a good idea to have a large focal point…if you use all smaller pieces, it will look messy.


Once that was positioned, I planned out the rest of the prints on the floor before hanging them…a good idea if you don’t want extra holes in the wall!


The rest of the prints needed to have some variety, in size and orientation (horizontal and vertical).  I even added an open-back oval frame to make it interesting.  It keeps the eye moving around if the items are not all the same.



What girl doesn’t love seeing her own initial?!?


Almost finished…you might have noticed that I repositioned some of the prints as they were being hung.  I just thought they looked better that way.  Notice my hard-working handyman (aka my husband)…he’s pretty good with a hammer!



All done, and I couldn’t be happier with the result…



I love how it turned out…whimsical with pops of color and fun quotes!  More importantly, the occupant of the room just loved it, too!  Her first words after walking into the room…”Mommy, I love it!”


black striped I love you gold typography print

large gold foil metallic heart print

wood letter C initial

breakfast with Audrey print

pretty in pink bicycle print

black converse print

white picture frames

black picture frame

white oval open back frame (I painted it pink)

must love dogs print

happy girls are the prettiest print

English bulldog puppy print

giant tongued English bulldog print

today is a good day print



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