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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about ways to thank mom (or grandma) for all she does!

My favorite gifts have always been the handmade kind…they are priceless, and they come from the heart.  I still love the stepping stones that my girls (and their dad) made for me several years ago!  I love seeing their small handprints and names on them, AND I appreciate all the effort it took on his part to make it happen!

Flowers and plants are always a great choice for this time of year, and this flowerpot decorated with family pictures will make any plant you give more memorable!


You will need the following supplies…

  • terracotta pot and saucer
  • white spray paint
  • pictures
  • mod podge
  • sponge brush
  • clear waterproof sealer
  • ribbon

Begin by painting the flowerpot and saucer with the white paint (you could really use any color…I just like the simplicity of white and the white color doesn’t show though the pictures once they are adhered to the flowerpot).  It will take a few coats to fully cover them.


While the flowerpot and saucer are drying, gather the pictures you wish to use to decorate the flowerpot.  Make black and white copies of the pictures on regular copy paper.  Cut them to the size you would like.




Using the sponge brush, apply a light coat of the mod podge to the flowerpot.  Do this in small sections at a time.  Place the pictures on top and brush another coat of mod podge over the pictures.



Continue doing this until all areas of the flowerpot have been covered.  It’s fine if you overlap the pictures at the edges.  Then, apply one final coat of the mod podge to the flowerpot.



Allow it to fully dry overnight, and spray it with a clear waterproof sealer to give it more protection.

Finally, tie a ribbon around the top rim of the flowerpot.

Now it’s ready for a beautiful potted flower!!


Now what mother wouldn’t love that…all those special memories AND flowers!








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