washi wednesday–envelopes

With my oldest daughter off to college this year, I’m spending a lot of my time at the post office mailing cards, packages, and letters to her.  Everyone loves receiving mail, especially college students who are living away from home!

Today I’m sharing a fun and easy idea to liven up your envelopes with washi tape.


Just grab some plain white (really, any color will do) envelopes, some color coordinated washi tape, and a pair of scissors.


Use the washi tape to decorate the envelope in any design or pattern.  I applied it to the back of the envelope around the border in one color, and then around the border of the flap in a different color.  I used a third washi tape pattern to seal the envelope with an X.



I decorated the front of the envelope around the edges, so as to not interfere with the address and stamp areas.



Now, who wouldn’t be excited to see that in their mailbox?!?

Happy Washi Wednesday!

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