50th birthday cake table

Yesterday I shared a simple decoration that I created for my husband’s surprise 50th birthday party…click here for the details on the big 5 0!

Since it was a birthday celebration, of course there was cake!  I had so much fun decorating the table and displaying the CAKES…yes, there was more than one cake.

I decided on a simple color scheme of black, white, and gold.  A few people asked if I did that because those were his college colors…no, it was just a coincidence.

I chose a black and white striped tablecloth.  I loved the look of a floor length tablecloth.  A banner of gold metallic triangles was attached to the front of the tablecloth, along with some shredded gold mylar.  Simple, but elegant!



The “50” metallic gold mylar balloons were perfect centerpieces combined with black latex balloons and more of that shredded gold mylar, which helped to hide the balloon sticks inside the vase.



The chandelier over the table was decorated with black, white, and gold poufs.  A fun touch to add more of those colors to the cake display!



And those cakes…well, there were three different flavors that hopefully appealed to everyone.  Salted caramel, vanilla raspberry, and chocolate chocolate chip (especially for the chocolate-loving guest of honor)!

I was trying to find a cake stand large enough for the rectangular cake when a friend suggested using a black vintage suitcase.  It was a perfect cake display, and it gave the table a masculine touch.  Two round, black cake stands were used to display the other cakes.




The decorated cake table added a festive touch to the party!

And those cakes…YUM!!!



Happy 50th to my husband and thanks to our friends for helping him celebrate!



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