christmas countdown

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the advent season…the countdown to Christmas Day!

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed creating my own version of an advent calendar for my daughters.  Click here to see what I did last year.  I’ve done the same display of items for the past few years, so I decided to change it up a bit.


Remember this vintage white picket fence that I used for a mantle display during Halloween…well, I thought it would make the perfect backdrop for those 24 days of surprises.


I simply wrapped the small surprises (I can’t tell you for sure what’s inside each one…don’t want to give it away, but MAYBE some Starbucks gift cards, hot cocoa packets, bath bombs, hair clips, mini coloring books, etc) in red wrapping paper and brown kraft paper.  Some of the items required a brown paper bag, instead of wrapping paper.



I used solid red and red striped ribbon, as well as natural jute, to tie the packages to the fence.  I added these fun pompoms and the numbered tags to each surprise.


So we start with number one tomorrow…


…and continue counting down until Christmas Day!


This display is on the landing of our stairs, so my girls can find their advent surprise as they go downstairs for breakfast each morning.


And so the anticipation begins…


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