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How many holiday cards have you received from friends and family?  We had a few trickle in the first week or so of December, but the mailbox has been filled with them each day for the past week.  We love opening them and reading the latest updates from everyone, and of course looking at those that contain photos!

But what do you do with them after you’ve read them?

Here’s an idea that has worked well at my house…


We have three sets of double doors in our living room and dining room.  I hung wreaths using red striped ribbon in each of the doors.  I attached a long piece of the ribbon to the top, and let it hang to the bottom of the door.

As we began receiving cards this month, I attached them to the ribbon with clothespins and clips.


I used such a whimsical assortment of clothespins to clip the cards to the ribbon…holiday colors, tree-shaped, Santa, colorful patterns, and fun messages.






I’m beginning to run out of space on the ribbon, so I started clipping the cards to the wreaths.



My family loves coming come and looking to see who sent cards to us that day!

I love displaying them this way…we can enjoy seeing them throughout the holiday season, instead of being stacked together in a basket.


Happy holidays to all!

I’m taking the next few weeks to enjoy time with my family.  I’ll be “off line” until January 2017.  Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I’ll be sharing our holiday happenings on Instagram, in case you want to “follow” me there.





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