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It’s time for May’s tea talk, so grab a cup of tea or coffee and get comfortable!  We are discussing a timely topic this month…

“What is the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever given or received?”

  • Name:  Tammy
  • Age:  49
  • City:  Pauline, South Carolina
  • Occupation:  homemaker
  • Number of Children:  2 daughters, 1 heavenly daughter

Last year for Mother’s Day, my husband Mark, purchased and planted all of the herb pots on our patio for me while I was away for the day.  He did a wonderful job and the herbs lasted all summer so I was constantly reminded of his gesture.

  • Name:  Jill
  • Age: 47
  • City:  Cincinnati,  Ohio
  • Occupation:  teacher
  • Number of Children:  two

My oldest daughter was big into theater productions in high school.  At Christmas, I was looking for local plays/ musicals and thought I’d get tickets to a show for her as a gift.  I stumbled onto Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park’s website, and they were advertising the upcoming season’s productions.  “Erma” caught my eye, as I grew up reading Erma Bombeck, and my mom loved her!  So, I was able to get four tickets (mom, myself, and my two girls) for the 2:00 pm show on Mother’s Day.  I haven’t told my mom yet, but I’m hoping she is excited about it when she finds out.  This is a gift that includes all of us, is from the heart, and hopefully everyone will enjoy the show and the time spent together.

  • Name:  Caroline
  • Age:  45
  • City:  San Antonio, Texas
  • Occupation:  mom
  • Number of Children:  one

After trying to conceive for over three years, it was on a cold, rainy, and windy Mother’s Day (May 11, 2003) in Chicago, that I found out that at long last I was pregnant!!!  And after suffering from secondary infertility and never being able to carry a child again, it really did turn out to be the VERY, VERY BEST Mother’s Day gift ever.

  • Name:  Julie
  • Age:  49
  • City: Sylvania,  Ohio
  • Occupation:  stay at home mom
  • Number of Children:  three

My favorite gift was a handmade gift from one of my children when they were in second grade.  First, he/ she wrapped three sharpened pencils with floral tape and accented the pencils with colorful artificial flowers.  Then he/ she wrapped a soup can in shelf paper.  Finally, he/ she wrote a portrait poem about me and glued it to the can.  The pencil flowers were placed inside the can with brown tissue paper acting as the dirt to make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift to cherish forever.

  • Name:  Christy
  • Age:  46
  • City:  Toledo,  Ohio
  • Occupation:  mom, wife, and corporate executive
  • Number of Children:  two

The best Mother’s Day gift I ever received was the birth of my first child.  My oldest daughter was born on Mother’s Day in 2003.

  • Name:  Lauri
  • Age:  46
  • City:  Ottawa Hills,  Ohio
  • Occupation:  mother, coach, and retired attorney
  • Number of Children:  two

This is what I made for my mom one year, and she loved it!  I saw it at a craft store and thought…hey I can do that.  It was actually a lot harder than I thought, but it was a lot of fun.  I didn’t really think about the name of the book until afterwards, so I would recommend that there be more thought than an afterthought.

  • Name:  Wendy
  • Age:  47
  • City:  Ottawa Hills,  Ohio
  • Occupation:  financial advisor
  • Number of Children:  two

There’s a vase in my office my son made in art class and a card in my den my daughter made at school.  I smile every time I look at them.

I loved reading my friends’ responses…it seems that gifts from the heart are truly the most meaningful!  In fact, my favorite Mother’s Day gifts are these poems that my two oldest daughters each wrote in the fourth grade.  My youngest has the same fourth grade teacher as her older sisters, and I’m HOPING to receive a third “How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways” poem this year!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

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