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Thanks for stopping by Polka Dots and Picket Fences!

My name is Beth, and I’m the voice behind those blog posts about cooking, creating, decorating, traveling, crafting, party planning, shopping…anything involving “lifestyle.”


I’ve been married to my wonderful and very supportive husband for 24 years.  I was a second grade teacher until we started our family.  Now I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom to my three sweet and sassy (depending on the day) daughters!

We live in a tiny village outside Toledo, Ohio.  We enjoy traveling and exploring new areas, but we always love coming home to our life in the midwest.  Our house is close to 100 years old…lots of character and charm!

framed menus | polka dots and picket fences

Aside from raising a family and maintaining a house, I LOVE to entertain.  Party planning is one of my favorite hobbies!  Yes, I consider it a “hobby” of mine.




My other passions include…crafting, relaxing with a pedicure, organizing, baking, reading, cupcakes, shopping, cooking, decorating, and of course spending time with my family.



My hope is that as you read Polka Dots and Picket Fences, you will find simple ways to create special moments and memories for your family…

5 thoughts on “meet beth

  1. Hi Beth!
    I stumbled upon your Instagram & Blog a while ago and LOVE it all. I also have 3 girls and was a school teacher (maybe that’s why I love your stuff so much?) Anyway, looks like you LOVE hosting parties 🙂 if you’re ever interested in hosting a Matilda Jane Trunk Show/fashion show with your girls and their friends I’d LOVE to meet you be your Trunk Keeper!! Thanks for sharing all your amazing ideas!

    1. Thanks, Alyssa…you are so sweet! I enjoy hearing positive feedback. I used to dress my youngest (who is almost 10 now) in MJ. I loved it, and still do! However, she has discovered Justice and her tastes are changing…sniff, sniff. I did see your instagram post about the collaboration with Joanna Gaines. Claire LOVES Joanna and Fixer Upper!!! In fact, she has chosen a “fixer upper” theme for her birthday party this year…not sure how I’m going to pull that one off! Soooo, I might be interested in the Joanna line…keep me posted, please.

  2. Hi Beth, I just had to say that I love the way your house looks; it is so endearing and homey-looking. I used to live in Ohio myself but I don’t think I’ve ever visited the Toledo area. Anyhow, Have a wonderful day ~

    Authen ~

    1. Awe thank you so much! I’ve loved making a “home” for my family over the years. I’ve lived in Ohio my entire life…grew up in a suburb of Dayton, lived in a suburb of Cincinnati for seven years, and now we’ve been in the Toledo area for over 16 years. Love my midwest life! Where did you live within the state of Ohio?

      1. No problem at all; I would love to have that kind of stability one day with regards to moving and seeing your family and yourself grow up in one home. I lived in Central Ohio ( Columbus area) and then I relocated to the outer skirts in the country (not too far from a town named Zanesville I think).

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