pumpkin place cards

Thanksgiving is one week away!  Are you ready?  Have you planned the menu?  Purchased ingredients for your pies?  Ordered your turkey?

I actually get off easy for Thanksgiving because we travel to see the grandparents.  However, we started our own tradition about five or six years ago…we have a small Thanksgiving meal on the Sunday evening before Thanksgiving.

I try to keep it simple since it’s just the five of us.  For this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, I created these pumpkin place cards for our table.


To make these, you will need…

  • mini pumpkins
  • masking tape
  • spray adhesive
  • gold leafing
  • wax paper
  • sponge brush


First, tape off the bottom half of the pumpkin.


Spray the adhesive on the top half of the pumpkin.


Place the gold leaf foil on the sticky part of the pumpkin.  Put wax paper over it, and use the brush to smooth out the gold leafing.  Continue until all areas on the top part of the pumpkin are covered.

I must warn you that the gold leafing is not easy to work with…be patient and take your time.




Add some tags to each pumpkin using card stock, stamps, and raffia.


Peel off the masking tape, and attach the tags.


So elegant, right?



These pumpkin place cards will add just the right touch to our Thanksgiving table!

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