ornament traditions ii

Earlier this week I shared our family tradition of giving our daughters an ornament each year that symbolizes something special from that year.  While these ornaments are an important part of our tree, we also have another ornament tradition.

When we travel, we always “try” to bring back an ornament to remind us of our family vacation.  I say “try” because there have been times when we can’t find ornaments to represent the city we visited…or we have forgotten to look for an ornament.  I can remember once or twice stopping at a gift shop on our way to the airport to look for an ornament!

Some remembrances from Niagara Falls, the Grand Hotel, and Venice…

More from Key West, the Biltmore, and the Outer Banks…


One of my favorites is our ornament from our Spring Break 2012 trip to Hawaii…they translated our names to their native language.

More memories…Toronto, the Greenbrier, and Boston

A few more from colonial Williamsburg, Martha’s Vineyard, and Chicago…

Our new additions to the tree this year from our family vacations…Puerto Rico and San Fransisco!



It is about so much more than the ornament, though…it is the memories created as a family while experiencing new things together.  We are able to relive those memories each year as we decorate our tree.

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  1. Our tree traditions are the same. In your first ornament post I commented on how we give our kids an ornament each year. We also try to find one from places we’ve been to! Boston will be a new one hanging on our tree this year.

  2. My favorite part of decorating the tree is unwrapping each ornament & remembering where we were when we got it or who gave it to me. Then there’s a special set from my childhood which just make me happy. Ones from when the kids were born or their handmade ornaments. And of course – Nathan’s rubber skeleton. If the house was on fire, I’m running to get the ornaments.

    btw – we have the same Martha’s Vineyard ornament. :o)

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