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I love decorating our house for Christmas!  It is always a joy to add some festive touches to the rooms in our home.

I have found an item that I use frequently to add some color and merriment to my holiday decorating…BALL ORNAMENTS of various colors and sizes.


One easy and simple way to decorate is to group some ornaments in a bowl  or any glass dish.  Very little effort, but it will brighten any room!


Another way I use these ball ornaments is to decorate my banister.  I wire them to the garland, and add some ribbon and white lights.  Kind of pretty, right?



Adding some greenery and a large ornament with some lights to an apothecary jar makes a lovely centerpiece.


Hanging various sizes and colors of ball ornaments from a chandelier adds some holiday color in unexpected areas.  Add some ribbon (and maybe an elf) for more pops of color!



The larger ball ornaments are great for outside decorations…definitely big enough to be seen from the street.  I use them to decorate my topiaries, the garland around our front door, and the wreath.  They make a big impact mixed with other decor and some coordinating ribbon…and lots of wire will keep everything in place!





Ball ornaments are for more than just decorating the Christmas tree…you can use them to add some festive touches throughout your house.




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