donut snowmen

Happy New Year!  This is going to be a BIG year at our house…my oldest will graduate from high school in June and head off to college (still weighing her options on that matter) in the fall!  I remember when she started kindergarten…I did the math to figure out her graduation year, and I thought 2016 seemed SO far away.  Now here it is…not her graduation (yet), but 2016!

If you are like me, early January can seem a little dull and boring.  The kids are back in school, the Christmas decorations are packed away, and all the busyness of the season has slowed down.

Here’s a fun treat to get the kids excited…donut snowmen!


So easy to make!  You will need…

  • powdered donut holes
  • powdered mini donuts
  • powdered donuts
  • toothpicks




“Build” your snowmen…place a mini donut on top of the donut, and then place a donut hole on the very top.  Repeat.


Add the toothpicks for arms.


Cute, right?  Makes a great treat for breakfast (especially on one of those first mornings back to school after winter break) or a fun after school snack!


Whenever you serve them, these donut snowmen are sure to be a hit!


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