full(er) house party

The Tanner family made a TV comeback last week, with the much-anticipated Netflix series “Fuller House.”  You remember the Tanners…DJ, Stephanie, Uncle Jesse, Michelle, Danny, and Uncle Joey.  I feel like this show has been a part of my life for the past 20 years or so.  I watched it in the late 80’s/early 90’s when it first aired on the ABC Friday night lineup.  The second wave came when my daughters discovered it in syndication.  I loved that they watched it…a good wholesome American family sitcom.

When it was announced that there would be a remake featuring the kids all grown, we were like “YOU GOT IT DUDE!”

We invited a few friends over when it was released on Netflix and hosted a viewing party.


As you may know, the show is set in San Fransisco.  In fact, the opening credits show the characters enjoying iconic symbols of the city.  To decorate, I used some enlarged photos from our trip to San Fransisco last summer (click here to read about our trip).  I thought pictures of the painted lady houses, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the actual “Full House” house (read more about the house here) would set the scene for the food table.

I added a few banners with popular catchphrases from the show…YOU GOT IT DUDE and HOW RUDE.


I kept the food simple and easy.  Think Friday night fare…mozzarella sticks, bagel bite pizzas, pretzels, a tossed salad, fortune cookies (another San Fransisco touch), and chocolate cupcakes.

I added San Fransisco touches to the food, as well…more of those phrases and small pictures used as cupcake toppers.









HAVE MERCY, there were sodas to drink!



Everyone filled their plates, and we gathered around the TV to watch “Fuller House.”  I have to say we really liked it…a fun storyline and cute humor just like the original series.



Did we have a fun time?  “YOU GOT IT DUDE!”







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