cardboard boat regatta

We had some fun participating in a cardboard boat regatta a few weeks ago!  We’ve been spectators at this event several times, but this year we decided to give it a go and create our own boat.

The rules are that the boat can only be constructed using cardboard and duck tape, and that there must be at least two rowers in the boat.  So we started gathering cardboard…lots of cardboard.  My husband lucked into some triple corrugated cardboard that is used to ship axel wheels…needless to say, it was super durable.


After gathering as much cardboard as we thought we needed, a design for the boat was formulated and the construction began.  Bring on the saws and tools!


Once the cardboard was cut, the pieces were put together using white duck tape.




Lots and lots of duck tape…


Now came the fun part…decorating it!  We decided to use the Lilly Pulitzer pattern, “You Gotta Regatta.”  Cute, right?  Not only did we use the design for the boat, but also the name.

First, we spray painted a few coats of white paint to hide the brown cardboard.


Then, we painted the outline of the boat pattern using blue paint.



The rest of the design was filled in with colorful paints…bright pink, orange, green, and yellow.  Blue waves were added around the boats to complete the design.



The finishing touch was the sign for the boat…”You Gotta Regatta with Lily and Claire”



Now the goal was to paddle the boat across the pool and back!



We didn’t win first place…or second!  However, we did win for “Best Name.”

And we had a lot of fun!

P.S.  My husband is already thinking of a better design for next year’s cardboard boat race!!!



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