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Yes, we are finally finished with our “room redo!”  Remember that project we started a few months ago…click here to refresh your memory on the before.

I’m so excited that our home office is complete, and I’m ready to share it with you…


One of the elements I was trying to incorporate into the room was multiple desk spaces.  I wanted this so that more than one member of our family can use the room at the same time.  By having three desk areas, my husband can work in the evenings (if needed), and my girls can also do their homework at the same time.  And there is no need to tell someone to move their school project so that I can set the table for dinner!

So we have two desk areas set up next to each other on one side of the room, and another single work area on the other side of the room.








And to help them be more productive while working (at least my daughters, anyway), these desk areas are equipped with lots of supplies.  No need to delay homework time by saying, “I can’t find a pencil.”






And to keep us even more organized, the shelving units provide space for canvas containers, drawers, and file boxes to keep all those necessary papers, documents, and files tucked away…but easily found when needed.

I found a few wall hangings that fit with the gray, black, white, and yellow color scheme which also provide help with keeping us organized.  One is a magnet board for important reminders, and the other is a great place to drop the incoming mail each day.

I painted the closet door with chalkboard paint, which gives us another space to write messages or work out a math homework problem.




And now, my favorite part of the room…the cozy and comfortable window seat!  This was built over the radiator in the room, using white beadboard.  The black and white striped cushion was created with an extra thick cushion, and look at those fun and comfy pillows.  It is THE perfect place to curl up and read a book!  Except when it is being occupied by someone else in the house…I think I’m not the only one who thinks it is the best part of the room.





It took a little longer than we thought, but it was so worth the wait…it has now become my favorite space in the house!


I’ve listed the sources for products below.  If I missed something, let me know.

desk tops and legs, modular shelving units, and desk chairs…IKEA

containers, drawers, and file boxes…IKEA

yellow rug…IKEA

black striped desk caddies…Hobby Lobby

polka dot tape dispenser and stapler…Hobby Lobby

enamel wall utensil holders…IKEA

desk lights…IKEA

wall magnet board and hanging wire container…Hobby Lobby

white file cabinets…Hobby Lobby

window seat cushion, patterned pillow, and valance…custom made

large white pompom pillows and gray pillows…Home Goods

gray pompom blanket…Home Goods










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  1. I recently made a craft in our house from IKEA. I love it and see we used some of the same items. The chalkboard paint on the door is a great idea. Enjoy the new room.

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